South Central LA

I ran into a concerned friend at school today who handed me a flier with an urgent request—-

“Over 350 low income families living in one of the poorest areas of the country have created a space to gor food, let children play and learn and create a sense of community out of a concrete jungle. Now, after 14 years, they are being told to leave to make room for another warehouse, They could be evicted as early as Monday March 27. This space belongs to the people of S. Central L.A…They need your support!

Here is what you can do!
Call the Mayor/City Council Right Now

Concentrate calls to city officials between 10am and 11 am every day (or any other free time you might have) All at once so we can clog their phones! Ask that they 1) stop the eviction of the S. Central Farmers, 2) Hold a Pulic meeting and official investigation addressing the back-room sale of the farm to a private developer without communal approval.

Mayor Villaraigosa- 213-978-0600
Councilwoman Jan Perry- 213- 473- 7009

also, for those in LA city area there is a demonstration this friday (3/24) at 8 a.m demonstration at L.A. City Hall

for more information visit:

or email me or APU student Daniel French @

thanks again & blessings

email me at, with any questions also


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