some fun facts.

(there is no escaping them, even in the philippines)

i learned that here the bus drivers are trained, if a person walks in front of their vehicle, to speed up and to hit the person in such a way as to make sure the person doesn’t survive.

why you might ask?

so the bus company only has to pay one lump sum hospital bill as opposed to a never-ending hospital bill of a person on life-support.

note to self.

p.s. If anyone ever approaches you to offer you “Rugby”, they are most likely not asking you to join in their rugby game, but want you to buy a colorful balloon filled with fine white powder that is most likely not sugar.


3 replies on “some fun facts.”

Ok, so I don’t really know where to post this where you will read it, but I will try here. I just got the last one you left me, and let me say this…every single day I wondered if I was giving false hope to the students and friends I made in China. What difference does it really make? How will it change when we leave? Will it go back to being the same for those people. 6 months after coming back, I can tell you that many of them did. They tell me about the times that they miss being with me. They reminisce on great moments but know life is back to normal again. Sometimes I still wonder, what was the point? In fact, alot of the time I have thought about that. I think the even harder thing has been to look at my own life and feel like I went back to being the same exact person that I was before the whole experience, so I can’t even use the excuse that maybe it wasn’t about them, it was what I learned. That’s even harder to face because if anyone should have gained something, it should have been me. Still there is this tiny little piece of hope. The thought that at least I am thinking about this, which means it won’t go to waste. The thought that, at least maybe they think about it which won’t go to waste. The thought that pretty much we all have little time on this earth anyways and you’re never going to be there for anyone for their whole life and so you better make damn sure you do something with the time you have with them. Then I start to give myself theological answers but I’ll spare you from those because they piss me off anyways. …I believe you’re making a difference.


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