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How to Make Your Own Layered Boho Statement Necklace

As a kid, I loved going through my fabulous grandma’s costume jewelry collection. I could never narrow it down to one or even two favorite accessories, and instead piled as many necklaces on as my little kid neck would allow.

So, once I became aware that layered statement necklaces were an actual trend and saw necklaces like Dylanex’s Falkor ($890):


And Nasty Gal’s Coined It Necklace (only $55!)



Another one of Dylanex’s amazing necklaces, the Bowie ($820)






424f2f3a1e58f50d9685bd31c3209a27and Urban Outfitters’  Medina ($68)


I have been trying to create my own cheaper “DIY” version. I quickly realized it’s not quite as easy as throwing on every silver necklace I own and walking out the door. I feel like I am constantly walking a fine line between “fashionable” and “mentally unstable homeless person”, when it comes to my personal style.  It was actually pretty difficult to mix and match pieces together to create something tasteful and stylish (and doesn’t look like I raided my Grandma’s costume jewelry with my eyes closed). I ended up with two layered statement pieces: one silver and one gold…Usually, I prefer gold colored jewelry but there are a lot of awesome silver metal boho statement necklaces out there to choose from.

My necklaces are the Coin Fringe Pendant Necklace ($12.50) from Forever21 

coin fringe pendant necklace

and the Silver Tribal Necklace from World Market ($14.99)

silver tribal statement necklace

And my  second “gold” colored layered necklace:

boho layered statement necklaces

There are definite pros and cons to trying to making your own Layered Boho Statement Necklace piece.

pros: cheaper, unique, and more layering options when you buy each individual necklace.


cons: tangled mess of chains errrrvywhrrrr.


7 replies on “How to Make Your Own Layered Boho Statement Necklace”

Hi Jessica! We attend Calvary (LOVE IT! Your dad’s messages have been the biggest blessing!) and I met you at Calvary’s Anniversary festival 2 summers ago. I’m on a mission to lose my schlumpy-dumpy stay at home mom look on a budget so I love your tips for “real people” budgets! I’ve given myself a challenge of recreating looks by only shopping 2nd hand. I’ve been shocked at all of the designer/name brand clothes people donate to Goodwill! I just wanted to say hi and thank you for the ideas! Someone other than your mom reads. 🙂


Hi Jill!
Thanks so much for your comments! You don’t know how encouraging they are! I love goodwill and thrifting too, so many fun and unique things! Thanks again for reading! If you ever want me to post pics of you in any of your cute outfits that you find just let me know!


If I become brave enough I’ll send you photos to post. 🙂 I’m the queen of *recreating for less than $20* at work. I’m on the hunt for a dress to wear to my niece’s summer wedding that falls into, “I’m almost 39 so I don’t want too look like I’m trying too hard, I’m older than a bridesmaid but younger than mother of the bride, I’ve lost over 100 pounds and no one should have to see my lunch lady arms.” Any ideas?


ooh this is going to be fun Jill! I have a few questions about the summer wedding dress hunt to help narrow it down: what is your budget for the dress? Is it a formal or informal wedding? Do you have any colors, patterns or styles that are off limits for you?

p.s. I would love to see the outfits you put together, but I know how that goes!


oh and P.P.S. congratulations on losing 100 pounds! Holy cow, I’ll have to pick your brain some time!


Whoooo hooo! It’s more formal, under $200, no Tiffany blue or Aqua as that’s the color of the bridesmaid dresses. The wedding isn’t until July 4th but if I don’t start now, I’ll procrastinate. I’d love a cute 3/4 sleeve shift dress, bateau neck, light fabric.

The 100+ has been an adventure, especially losing again after kids but the only “secret” I have is that I don’t eat processed food more than once a week and that’s on my cheat day. Produce is so expensive so I get most at Aldi and I love Trader Joe’s. I also eat a lot of fish. I’m a Pinterest-aholic for recipes.


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