i am back from prague.
it was an uplifting and renewing experience, that i badly needed.

i spent a good majority of my time shoveling cow crap, hay and dirt, laying brick and painting to clean the old farm property for the Czech teen challenge group.

i would wake up most mornings by 5 am (the sun is up at 4:30am there) have a cup of coffee and walk to the neighboring village and back before breakfast. i wrote in my journal that i felt like i was living in a dream most of the time. and even though i : wasnt getting hardly as much sleep as i was used to, working 12 hours a day, having my own body odor trailing me all day long, sharing one shower stall with 20 women, being the youngest person by close to 20 years and sleeping in a room with no air-conditioning…

i honestly havent been more at peace and more content in a long long time. God works in mysterious ways, He always pushes me further than i could ever go by myself.

so many amazingly good things happened that i dont know where i would start describing them and if it would ever end,
but mostly the experiences i had, have no words for them and if i try to explain them i wouldnt be doing them any justice, so i am happy enough to remember how i felt when i was there and just try to hold on to that.

i know that i am not sure about alot of decisions i make in my life. heck, i have a hard time trying to decide what i am going to wear or what i am going to eat, let alone making decisions that can be life altering, but i really feel that one day i will end up back there, somewhere anywhere overseas…i feel most alive and at peace there. the small day to day anxieties that consume my every day thoughts here are no longer important.


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