Manila vanilla.

so it looks like i am going to the phillipines instead of argentina. there is an orphanage in manila called “My Father’s House” that takes in street children

i am nervous…it is on the opposite side of the world, i know no one, and not a single word of Tagalog or any of the 170 other dialects spoken there.

i think this is where i am supposed to go. i believe God wants me to go there , i know it wont be easy but it is what i need, every time i have doubts as to where i am supposed to be or if i have enough strength to make it through a situation.. God always reveals a hidden strength in myself that i didnt know existed.

i think im just tired of talking about doing something all the time, and im ready to actually do it. and now that it is really happening it scares me.

in the mean time im working at starbucks waking up some days as early at 4:30 am (aka my old bedtime)
and slowly becoming re-addicted to coffee. (’tis a hard life i lead)
yesterday i had seven shots of espresso, and needless to say, the sleeping is not going well.


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