tom and jerry.

i have company in the form of one mouse.

i saw it skitter across my floor when i turned the light on in my room the other night, i thought maybe it was just …u know…visiting…. or so i tried to tell myself, but i couldnt go to sleep that night until i made myself invision my mouse friend safe and secure in his nicely decorated home inside my walls, complete with a match box bed and a mouse size oven. reading his mouse sized version of Hemmingway or knitting and then i could sleep (but only with the lights on).

the next day i threw away all of my cheese.

and i mentioned my visitation in passing to the staff and lo and be hold mouse traps appeared in front of my door, i felt safe for the first week, when every time i opened my door and there was no stuck mouse, but….once when i opened my door in the morning..there were not one..but two little mouses stuck in the mouse trap. still breathing. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

somehow i feel its my fault they had to die, and today some people came to fumigate My Father’s House
but at least tonight i can sleep with the lights off.


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