but to return. (11/08/05)

Let us stop for a moment,
let us behold what we have made.
let it blaze against the yew trees.
one life.
there. it is over. gone out…
But to return. let us again pretend that life is a solid substance,
shaped like a globe,
which we can turn about in our fingers.
let us pretend that we can make out a plain and logical story.

– Virginia Woolf

for the people who did know you and would have known you

thank you.
for taking me at my worst.
for picking me up,
washing me off, and setting me back on my feet.
& for still seeing me for who i was
and who i would be.

even i, who was not close to the blaze
could feel the warmth of your fire.


4 replies on “but to return. (11/08/05)”

Awesome pics! At the dentist? We’ll keep in touch while in Israel – will try to call aprrox same time as soon as we figure out time difference (dad will have his cell w/him). Love ya, miss ya, Mom


ahh what a sweet surpise to discover this. you are that “friend-of a friend-that I wish was my friend”in other words– I like you very much. I hope you are well, I will e checking this more often now that I know of it’s existence.


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