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Gold Leaf Holiday DIY Gift Cards Ideas: some (very) last minute Christmas Projects


DIY gold leaf Holiday card ideas final

As usual, I left things till the last minute…I don’t know how to do it any other way. Under pressure is usually when I am most motivated and inspired. I got a little carried away with my Gold Leaf paint and pens and painted just about everything in it last night.

My favorite gold leaf to use is Plaid Craft Liquid One Step Gold Leaf Paint. The gold leaf pens are definitely easier but they dry out so fast. This guy comes in a re-sealable bottle and is about the same price as the pens but will give you more use. It is super rich, and heavy but make sure you shake it every time you use it.

The cards I used are also available on Amazon and are just regular heavy-weight blank white greeting cards (5 x7″). You get 40 for $14.95 and I ended up cutting some of them into smaller cards too. So they will last a while.

DIY christmas gift cards GOld
holiday diy gift card ideasI hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their loved ones! xoxoxo


3 replies on “Gold Leaf Holiday DIY Gift Cards Ideas: some (very) last minute Christmas Projects”

Gorgeous! The art education major in me is envious. Tried a 20 minute beginner yoga but was done in 5 min, and was really, REALLY, bad at it. :/


The first 10 times (at least!) I tried yoga, I quit because it was too difficult for me and too hard. It’s a really frustrating feeling but if you keep trying, it will click one day and you’ll be like “YESSSSSS!” haha


I’m hoping my flexibility gets better. My back has been a hot mess since child #2 and she’s 6. 🙂 I had the opportunity to sleep in today so I have to try again tonight. I hope Arizona is fabulous! Wait, maybe you are back to the cold. Either way, I’m envious you got away for a while. Happy New Year!
P.S. The outfit is adorable, but I would look like I’m trying too hard. Ahhhhh, to not be turning 39!


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